Guy Escapes Muslim Executioner (video)

Talk about “never give up!” This man is the poster child for persistence, as he escapes his Muslim executioner.

What he does after the escape is what’s most impressive.

This was no Hollyweird action film, where Jason Bourne or Bond figure a way out of an impossible situation. What’s shown here is real life. A group of Kurds fighting against ISIS are captured, and headed to certain death.

I’m sure the ISIS pigs have carried out their brutal executions time and time again, with little resistance. I’ve learned that when most people are confronted with what they believe is the inevitability of death, they succumb. However when confronted with fight or flight, there exists those among us who fight.

In this case, back into a corner, the one Kurd decided to change his fate.

The lesson for Conservatives is simple. It’s never over, until it’s over. We are faced with a serious fight against a brutal adversary. Liberals.

Liberals will do anything to eradicate us, our way of thinking, our way of life from existence. They are unrelenting in their quest for supremacy, and will not stop at less.

Deranged, delusional, and yes as diseased in the brain as they are, Liberal nevertheless are passionate and committed to their insanity. Each one of them represents a suicide bomber, walking among the general population.


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