Hillary Clinton: Big Government Can Cure Racism

In the first Presidential debate on Monday, there were plenty of strange Hillary Clinton moments. One however, seems to be overlooked: her response to racial tensions in this country.

Clinton made a remarkable claim: everyone has “implicit bias” towards race. See the irony?

The woman who used the term “superpredators” to describe young black men has a major league “implicit bias.” Don’t expect the media to jump all over this.

In the video below, Clinton proposes a solution to racism: have government cure racism!

Why not let government have a stab at it?! They’ve done so well with the budget and the deficit. And then there is lessening America’s dependence on foreign oil, and the education system.

As for race, don’t we have The Great Society? Black Utopia? Don’t most white people want to live in “black neighborhoods?” After all, black neighborhoods are so safe, given the amount of police presence, and all.

And what of “black schools?” Chicago high schools reportedly have one out of eight girls pregnant. Blacks have historically high dropout rates, but that’s just to start adulthood sooner than white kids.

Speaking of historic, look at the Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU). Why should a white student choose Harvard, when there is an HBCU ready to take them in? HBCUs are overrun with white kids clamoring to get in, instead of going to “white” colleges and universities. Or did I get that backwards?

The people who have undying biases towards race are Liberals. Liberals breathe race like oxygen, as race is discussed continually, and for no reason. Except that Liberals think they will cure racism with talk.

Hillary Clinton’s solution adds a dash of liberal white guilt to a pile of spending. Have you noticed how much money is spent on race symposiums? White privilege to black victimization and all across the spectrum.

And when discussing how bad things are for blacks, a situation created by whites, black people need a safe space to discuss their feelings. Yes, safe spaces for blacks at California universities have been proposed. Can’t have any mean-spirited white people crashing the party.

Perhaps we should debate how she thinks government programs can cure racism. Oh wait…wasn’t Barack Obama supposed to do that?

H/T: WhenLiberalsAttack.com

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