Hillary Clinton Draws Meager Crowd Post-Faint

People don’t care if Hillary Clinton almost died. They still don’t come out to see her. Clinton draws meager crowds.

The Left will tell you that crowds mean nothing in politics. The people who say this are the ones who know that elections are rigged for the Democrats.

Donald Trump draws tens of thousands, with no standing room. Bernie Sanders could rally thousands. However few people in this country like Hillary Clinton, as her post-fainting rally suggests..

Below is a picture of a rally in Greensboro, NC for the recuperated Hillary Clinton. As you can see, there are easily less than 300 people.


Talk about “optics.” Post-brain trauma, and only a handful of people seem to care about Hillary Clinton.

When you consider the number of people Hillary Clinton travels with, you have to reduce the actual audience further.


Look at size of Hillary Clinton’s motorcade; complete with mobile medical facility. Just in case she gets “dehydrated.”

For somebody who’s been declared “fit to serve,” Hillary Clinton still appears a bit feeble.




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