Hillary Clinton Fainted During 9-11 Memorial

Deny, deny, deny. That’s the Clinton Way. I predicted the stress of this campaign would eventually catch up with Hillary Clinton.

It apparently has. Clinton fainted during the 9-11 ceremony in New York, and was rushed to the hospital.

There is no brushing this off as an “allergy.” As Clinton waited on her motorcade to leave the event “earlier than expected,” she did a “louie” off the curb. If that wasn’t embarrassing enough, Clinton ended up under one of the vehicles. It was reported that she lost her shoe, and a second Secret Service detail came later to retrieve it.

Supposedly Clinton was rushed to some elitist hospital for treatment. Inquiring minds now want to know, “How will the Left attempt to spin this?”

Not long ago, when asked about her health, Clinton told the questioner that there are many “conspiracies” around her, including those of her health.

Yes there are “conspiracies” about her health. And they are no longer conspiracies, but FACTS.

Moreover, like the proof we just received about this conspiracy, the others will prove correct as well.

What’s most amazing about this story is as I wrote it, there was only ONE media reference to Clinton feinting. Keep in mind the incident happened about an hour prior to my article. Ironically, one of my friends from Israel noted the lack of coverage.

I took a screenshot from my Google page, so you can see what was being said about Hillary Clinton, as her brain was being examined at a nearby hospital.


The very last article from The Daily Beast mentions Clinton leaving early. The time date stamp are bottom right.

What do you think the media reports would have been had Trump feinted, and ended “tits up” under his motorcade?

No matter how hard the media tries, this will be major news this week. Furthermore, this story will become the centerpiece of the campaign for quite some time.

The Democrats had a chance to get a reasonable candidate. Of course they have nothing but scoundrels and liars, but they could have found somebody more palatable than Hillary Clinton.


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