Hillary Clinton: Picture of Health Coughing Fit

Hillary Clinton is in amazing health, the Left tell us.

Most astute Americans know this is a lie. She was spotted with a “crap” stain on her dress, and we are told, “She sat in something.”

Yes she did. Her own shit.

Clinton wears “big girl” clothes, when she certainly can afford more than Moo Moos. Did she suddenly decide to start dressing like a Third World great-grandmother? OR is she hiding her catheter? You know the answer.

On Labor Day, Clinton began her speech lying to people from Cleveland; all 60+ of them. She said, “When we were all trying to figure out where we could be, we all said ‘Let’s go to CLEVELAND!”

SAID NO HUMAN EVER! Perhaps that’s why God intervened, and cut out the tongue of the wicked…metaphorically.

Then, Hillary Clinton begins her famous coughing fit.

Oh, it’s nothing, the Left assures. Judge for yourself.

Clinton’ coughing fit lasts nearly four minutes, and this is nothing new. She does this a lot. I have no idea of the medical implications, but I know she’s not healthy.

To try to deflect, Clinton quips about Trump making her cough. Nice try.

Next, she reaches for water, as if that will help. It’s a stall tactic.

Expect to see more of this, as her health deteriorates over the next couple of months. If she thinks Trump has her coughing now, she will find that it can and will get worse.

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