Hillary Clinton’s Intelligence Briefing

How could we possibly allow Hillary Clinton to get and intelligence briefing?

The Left said they were concerned about Trump getting an intelligence briefing. However Trump isn’t the person who hid an unprotected illegal server in his bathroom, and shared above Top Secret information for the world to see.

For the record, where is Hillary Clinton keeping her information now? Still on The Clinton Server?

I love the irony of the information to be discussed at intelligence briefing. The briefing they say, provides:

“…an overview of the major threats facing the nation around the globe.”

I imagine that list of national security threats to be as follows:

  • Barack Obama
  • The Department of Justice, specifically Attorney General Loretta Lynch and FBI Director James Comey
  • Black Lives Matter
  • ISIS
  • Black teen thugs
  • Liberalism
  • Democrats, specifically Black Democrats
  • Hillary Clinton

The woman who has practically put America out to auction now gets access to ALL our secrets. Things were bad enough when the black guy who couldn’t pass a regular security clearance got access. We seen the outcome of Obama having “all access.”

Yet, here we have a bona fide American traitor, namely Hillary Clinton getting briefed for more than two hours at the FBI office in White Plains, New York. At least she didn’t far to drive, given the location of the meeting near her mutli-million dollar suburban New York City fortress that housed her super secret server.

As Hillary Clinton has explained, she was chauffeured to the location, where the FBI and other clandestine federal agencies explained emailing to her.




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