Hillary Has Almost No Ground Game in Ohio [Video]

A Trump supporter decided to film his experience at Hillary Clinton’s campaign office in Delaware, OH. What he found was shocking:

Hillary Clinton has almost no ground game in Ohio. The video below shows what he found.

The Clinton campaign is reportedly formidable. Hillary Clinton brags about the number of employees work on the campaign. Then there are the volunteers. Most Americans know that Ohio is a critical state in the election.

At one point it was reported that Clinton had over 681 paid staffers, and Trump only had 68. Given those numbers, the Clinton campaign certainly has the upper hand over Trump, right?

Further, though Trump has beefed up his ground game nationally, Clinton has added to her staff. Latest numbers have the Clinton campaign now with over 1000 paid staffers.

The Trump staffer had heard that there was a door knocking campaign, so he went down to check it out.

There was an office with chairs set up for a conference style setup. The office had one guy.

A bit of time passed, when a woman came out and introduced herself.

Besides a few volunteers behind the counter, that describes the Clinton machine in that part of OH.

When the Trump surrogate begins discussing the truth about the operation, they don’t take it too well.

When you can count your volunteers on barely two hands, you have a problem.

This certainly explains the “enthusiasm gap” that has Leftist media in a conniption. It further explains why Clinton can’t seal the deal.

Latest polls have Trump either closing fast or taking the lead. His fundraising certainly proves there is more enthusiasm for Trump, than Clinton.

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