How Hillary Clinton Screwed Flint Michigan

Big city black Liberals complain about everything. Lack of jobs, lack of opportunity, public transportation, and so on. Then these very same blacks gladly elect their oppressors.

Big cities are dominated by Democrats. These Democrats have made almost every major city in America crime-ridden, indebted cesspools. The only beauty in big cities lie in their downtown areas and well-policed enclaves of the cities’ elite.

Democrats know they have the monopoly on “leadership” in major cities. Thus, no changes will be made. The higher Democrats on the food chain use the little fish, ergo mayors. People like Hillary Clinton politicize big city issues. They promise changes, then disappear into the woodwork. That’s how Clinton screwed Flint.

According to Detroit News,

Flint Mayor Karen Weaver is learning a tough lesson about the political spotlight — it switches off quickly once you no longer serve its purpose.

The mayor came into office in January solely focused on solving her city’s water contamination crisis. She worked closely at first with Gov. Rick Snyder and stayed away from the partisan gamesmanship.

But then the presidential primary campaign came to Michigan and Weaver was co-opted by Hillary Clinton’s camp. She was a hot commodity for a while, feted by Clinton and making joint appearances with her. Weaver played nicely into Clinton’s attempt to cast herself as Flint’s savior.

Clinton even cut a national commercial that claimed once she found out what was going on in Flint and gave Washington the what-for, federal funds began flowing to the city.

And then the campaign moved on. With New York and other states on her mind,Clinton forgot about Flint and Weaver.

The mayor is fretting the fading of the intense national attention the city received in February and March will hurt Flint’s chances of capturing those federal funds Clinton boasted of delivering but that still haven’t arrived.

The new mayor of Flint now knows what government help means. She’s inherited a city that has no significant tax base. As Obama would say, she’s “inherited somebody else’s mess.”

She and relatively new Republican governor Rick Snyder did a joint appearance recently decrying the slowness of the federal response. This is the same Republican governor on which the people of Flint tried to blame the crisis. Yes, the new white guy, aka Republican scapegoat.




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