HS Student Fights Teacher

Kids no longer see teachers as authority figures. Look at how the Left look at police.

So, why should a student respect a teacher, when the Left say shooting police is ok? Thus, one should not be surprised when a student fights his teacher, as this student did.

As the Daily Mail reported:

A Philadelphia high school student is facing charges after video emerged of the boy getting into a violent fight with his teacher.

The fight broke out at Lincoln High School on Monday, police say.

The 16-year-old boy was late to class and began arguing with his 44-year-old teacher.  The confrontation soon moved out into the hallway, and developed into a fist fight.

Grainy video of the bust-up quickly appeared on Facebook, filmed by other students who watched on in horror.

Teachers have a tough job. The difficulty of teaching has been produced by Liberals.

Liberals have allowed schools to become cesspools, as kids have no accountability, and neither do their parents. In many cases, the kids have only one parent. Sad to say, some parents fear their children.

I’m surprised they filed charges against the kid.

There are some schools where they have reached their quota of bad reports against black kids, and nothing would have been done. This incident swept under the rug. OR they would have pinned it on the Asian kid, for quota purposes.
If this kid was willing to fight his teacher, what do you think he would do to a student. Personally, I would LOVE to be in a situation where a student challenged me to a fight. It’s time Americas men show these boys that we are not a generation of pansies. If this kid wanted to see what having a father in the house would have taught him, he would learn the first rule of manhood: don’t challenge dad to a fight.


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