Rapper Ice Cube Delivered Worst News To Hillary Clinton

Rapper Ice Cube delivered the worst news Hillary Clinton has received this election cycle.

In a recent interview, Ice Cube is asked about Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. As the video suggests, this is news that should shock Hillary Clinton.

He echoes what many in the black community know about the Clintons. They weren’t good for blacks. Ice Cube had two words for Hillary Clinton: super predators.

That’s what Clinton called black kids whose parents bought into the fallacies of the Democrat Party.

When asked about Donald Trump, Ice Cube deliver the knockout blow to Clinton.

The rapper explained that Trump represents the American Dream. He went on to say that Trump represents what most black people want to be. He’s the boss, beholden to nobody. Trump can say what he wants, and that’s what everybody wants.

That sounds suspiciously like the First Amendment.

The prospect that there are more Ice Cubes out there likely scares the Clinton camp. The Left has kept a tight leash on black people, but a marquee black man like Ice Cube will certainly make an impact on the vote. Moreover, if another black rapper or notable defects, look for the domino effect.


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