ISIS Leaders Ban Burqas?

The Women’s Movement in America is as disingenuous as global climate change. A farce. Rich white Liberal woman who pretend to downtrodden. These witches live in the lap luxury, yet decry America. Meanwhile across the globe the real war on women rages.

Thankfully, Muslim woman don’t rely on the lip-service and hashtag attacks of the lunatic do-nothing Leftists. Their attacks on ISIS have led the group to ban burqas. As reported in Counter Jihad, Muslim women have taken matters into their own hands.

The Islamic State (ISIS) is reported to have banned the wearing of burqas following the assassination of some of its local leadership near Mosul by veiled women, the International Business Times reports.  In the past, ISIS has killed or beaten women who refused to wear the burqa, a kind of veil that not only covers the body but contains a grille to mask even the eyes.  It is distinct from the niqab, which reveals the eyes, as well as the hijab, a scarf that covers the hair only.

If reports are accurate, several local ISIS leaders have been murdered by women wearing these veils in recent days.  The reports are unclear as to the women’s alleged motives, though as the IBD accurately reports, “ISIS has a poor record when it comes to women’s rights[.]”  This “poor record” includes sex slavery, rape, beatings, and the denial of basic freedoms such as speech, expression, and conscience.

I suspect these women have done more to curb ISIS than all of Obama’s drones and other military intervention.

The irony of all this is while Muslim women fight against the scourge of radical Islam, Leftists around the world attempt to expand the cult.

Further irony is while ISIS has banned the burqas due to safety reasons, France’s Supreme Court recently overturned the “burkini” ban.

Liberals in America fight tooth and nail to force acceptance of all things Muslims. They know the next attack is being planned, yet they want us to grin and bear it. It’s not a matter of if, it’s a matter of when.


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