Kevin Jackson Skewers Richard Fowler on BLM

In this video Kevin Jackson skewers Richard Fowler on America’s Newsroom, as the duo discussed the riots in Charlotte.

Fowler complained about the poor police relations with blacks, and provided the typical Liberal talking points.

As with all debates between these two, Kevin skewered Fowler yet again.

Fowler begins by blaming the police and hearkening as far back as Rodney King.

Kevin commented, that Fowler has no information, and has yet again jumped to a conclusion.

Further, Kevin explained that Fowler and the generation of Millennials constantly whine about things they know nothing about. They have never suffered from a lack of civil rights. In fact, they have been coddled.

In the video, a young black woman is featured screaming at the reporter about how she could die at her job, at the grocery store, and so on from police.

Kevin commented that they most likely place for this young woman to die is in her own neighborhood, at the hands of one of her own people.

Fowler discusses the Birmingham boycott, then claims Kevin lives in an “alternate reality.” Fowler says he was stopped by police, as was his brother. He then went on a rant, lecturing Kevin about  his “first-person experience” of police brutality.

Fowler grew up in upper middle-class suburbia. And like most black Millennials, Fowler sees police oppression when a cop merely gets behind him in his vehicle. .

“How did you survive?!” Kevin inquired of Fowler of his encounters with police.

During his rant, Fowler called Kevin a “deplorable,” a term Kevin happily accepted.

Kevin went on to school Fowler on the notion that Fowler had an oppressive upbringing caused by the police. Kevin shared his upbringing, his mother dying when he was 5 and his father being in San Quentin prison, as Fowler continued to proclaim oppression.

Nevertheless, the statement that elicited the most response from Fowler came at the end of the segment, when Kevin calls Fowler, an “ethnocentric racist.”

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