Lester Holt targeted Trump, but gave Hillary a pass. Here’s proof!

It happens every four years. A presidential debate commentator shows a distinct bias against the Republican candidate. This time around, it’s Lester Holt.

As the first Presidential debate continues to be analyzed, a disturbing but undeniable trend has emerged: moderator Lester Holt was blatantly targeting Donald Trump, while giving Hillary Clinton a pass on the tough questions surrounding her campaign. This is more than just spin to help Trump, who obviously under-performed. The numbers – and the facts – don’t lie.


The Daily Caller broke down the debate and found an astonishing fact: Lester Holt interrupted Donald Trump 41 times, either to press him on a question or to fact check him. How many times did he interrupt Hillary Clinton? Seven times. SEVEN!

Commentator Harlan Hill – a Democrat now supporting Trump – made an even better point: Holt never mentioned any of Clinton’s scandals, despite the fact that each has gotten significant coverage even in the mainstream media. There were no hard questions regarding DEPLORABLES, PRIVATE EMAIL SERVERS, BENGHAZI, or THE CLINTON FOUNDATION. Holt never followed up on the “superpredators” comment when Trump brought it up. And where were questions about her health?

Instead, Holt chose to resurrect the Iraq War debate and insist on taking Trump’s comments to Howard Stern as the gospel.

For a registered Republican, Holt sure doesn’t act like one.

Originally published at SilenceIsConsent.net



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