Liberals are using taco trucks to register anti-Trump voters

A political activist group in Houston has found a secret weapon to mobilize anti-Trump voters: taco trucks. No, seriously, they are using taco trucks to get people to perform their civic duty.

Recently, the founder of Latinos for Donald Trump appeared on MSNBC and warned that, without a change in immigration policy, America would see “taco trucks on every corner.” While it was, admittedly, a stupid statement, liberals jumped on it as some sort of proof of the Trump campaign’s inherent racism.

While liberals expressed their outrage via the usual channels (social media), a handful of political activists in Houston decided to be a little more proactive.

Houston Public Media reports on the guacamole-filled initiative:

Thomas Hull, of design firm Rigsby Hull, decided it deserved a bigger response than just a tweet or meme. He joined forces with Mi Familia Vota, a group that promotes Latino political involvement, and organized a fleet of Houston taco trucks to serve as voter registration booths.

“We’re also handing out information on where to vote, with early votes and on Election Day and the process of voting, ’cause that’s–registering folks to vote–is half the battle. The other half is getting folks to the polls,” Hull says.

The registration campaign will run through Tuesday, October 11.

This initiative will get good play in the media, because it plays into an anti-Trump narrative. However, in practical terms, it won’t make a bit of difference, and it is likely to backfire. The organizers are under the assumption that this voter drive will sign up scads of new voters, particularly Latino voters. They obviously don’t know their taco trucks.

Sure, you can find taco trucks in Latino and Mexican neighborhoods. Most, however, cater to white foodies who overpay for their carne asada and pico de gallo. If you’re registering voters at a taco truck in downtown Houston, chances are they will be white males. If you’re a white male in Texas, you’re almost certainly a Republican.

So, good luck with the voter registration drive, taco truck people. Donald Trump appreciates the votes.

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