Lil Wayne: Racism Over

If anybody should know racism, it’s Lil Wayne. Just look at this brother.

Let’s just say most white fathers would not want to see “Daddy’s Lil Girl” bringing Lil Wayne home.

Lil Wayne was asked about the Colin Kaepernick situation, and he declined to comment. What a bold move. He said essentially, that’s the man opinion. I let it zip by me, because it’s not my business.

What a refreshing point of view. Lil Wayne decided not to enter the fray, as the media might have expected. Surely Lil Wayne would want to rap about the atrocities of young black men in America. He wasn’t totally oblivious, as Lil Wayne alluded to Black Lives Matter, albeit anecdotally.

From my take the rapper didn’t appear to be down with the Black Lives Matter movement.

After Skip Bayless couldn’t get Wayne to take the Kaepernick bait, he inquired of Wayne’s take on race relations in America. What happened next shocked Bayless and likely most of the politically correct sports fans being created in America.

Wayne said, [pp]

“They won’t like what I have to say on this. I’ve been nothing but blessed.”

Wayne went on to say that he has never experienced racism. He pointed out how strong the word “never” was, and repeated that he had never experienced racism.

“That’s my reality,” he added.

Bayless was stunned.

“You’ve never had a person of another color be racist towards you?”, Bayless inquired.

Wayne replied,


Shannon Sharpe worked hard to get Wayne to recognize the racism in America. I’m sure Sharpe felt it was his duty to give Wayne an “out” from his reality.

No out needed. The fact is, like Wayne, most of the people complaining about racism in America have NEVER experienced it. Believe it or not, these are the people who generally are the most racist. They have been trained to see racism in cereal flakes. However, they totally ignore their own.

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