Mark Cuban: Hillary Clinton’s Racist Sexist Billionaire [Video]

Racist Hillary Clinton has called Donald Trump racist and sexist. She has called Trump supporters “deplorable.”

Maybe Clinton was actually thinking of Mark Cuban, her guest “star” for her debate against Trump.

Here is a video of Cuban explaining racism. Actually he ends up showcasing his own racism.

Understand that Mark Cuban is right, in that he’s smart to cross the street with black teens. However, he can’t have his cake and eat it too.

Liberals talk of tolerance and not seeing color, as they showcase their intolerance and ability to see “black” quite easily.

As a Conservative and Republican, I live in the real world, where I deal with statistics. The math around black teen criminality would make me a fool not to cross the street when I see black teens.

Liberals suspend reality, because they must in order to rationalize their nonsense. However, in suspending reality, they are not allowed to then take the “conservative” position of facts, logic, and reason…when convenient.

That is why Mark Cuban is a racist. But it may be worse. Apparently Cuban is a bit of a sexist.

Judge for yourself.

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