Message to Ignorant Black Liberals

To be a Liberal, one must be abjectly ignorant. That’s the hard truth, with no sarcasm or humor intended.

This message is for all the ignorant black Liberals out there.

To want to vote for a Democrat showcases the same ignorance, as Democrats are the most vile repugnant human beings on the planet. They wallow in ignorance, while pretending to be intelligent. They know nothing, and pretend to know everything.

Democrat, Liberal, Progress, or whatever the next name they call themselves once they’ve ruined the latest rejoice in hiding their true identities. Look at what’s happening in Charlotte, NC, and you will understand the truth. Black people are the ONLY race who will riot over the death of a person, without knowing any facts. Ignorance on total display in Charlotte.

And the Left doesn’t want to discuss the state of the community they created.

I received a note from a man, and he wrote a note of congratulations to the black people of America who have voted for their own destruction. Below is the note without edit:

To The Black Male Street Thug. To The Black Male Drug using irresponsible Fathers. To The Black Male uneducated Gang Bangers. To The Black Male disrespectful ignorant asses. To The Black Male excuse making failures in life. To The Black Male illiterate social services seeking, no ambition having wastes of space that dominate the inner cities and Minority Communities. To The Black Female that kills her unborn. To The Black Female that casts out her man for Government dollars. To the Black Female that uses her children as power over their Fathers at the Governments behest. To The Black Female that rails against the behavior of Black Men for not doing what they want them to do to care for the Family while Praising Black Men that behave in ways to get themselves Jailed and Killed. To Black Women that are becoming just as Mannish, Thuggish and Ignorant as the Black Males that you complain about.

Congratulations to you. You have become EXACTLY what White Liberals have wanted and needed you to become. A group who’s only purpose is to further their own destruction for the benefit of the Very White Liberals that seek it, In an effort to gain power and control over all. Idiots.

Yet again America gets treated to more nonsense from the black community. Everything this person suggests was on display in Charlotte. The misuse and abuse of America’s backbone: black people.


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