Mother Begs For Life: 12-yo Shoots His Mother

Barack Obama’s children exist all over America. This 12-year old who shot his mother, his mother begs for her life is a perfect example.

Actually these children belong to all Democrats. But Barack Obama is undoubtedly their step-father.

In another “Michael Brown, Jr.” in the making scenario, a 12-year old shot his mother. Thankfully he didn’t kill her.

As FOX News reported,

A 12-year-old boy is in custody after he fired several shots at his mother while she begged for her life.

Officers say the boy and his mother got into a disagreement about his behavior on Wednesday afternoon.

A short time later they say he went into his parents’ bedroom and got his father’s gun.

“He shot through the door, the bedroom door,” Sgt. Smith told WRDW. “He was in the bedroom and she was in the kitchen area, sitting at the table and the shot basically just went over the top of her head.”

Investigators say the boy opened the door and fired another round at his mother, but it didn’t hit her.

Eventually, they ended up outside the home.

“She continued to beg him, and then he fired another shot. Then she just continued to beg him and finally she was able to get the gun away from him,” he said.

So many questions. Like, how was this kid raised, where he has so little respect for his mother? What does he witness routinely that would lead him to believe this was appropriate behavior?

I’d certainly like to get the father’s thoughts on this.

Sgt. Smith continued,

“If he’s acting like this now, when he turns 17, what is he going to do?” he said. “You’re talking about aggravated assault. The next step up from that is murder.”

According to the report, the mother is shaken up. She suffered a minor cut to her arm from a bullet fragment.

The boy will eventually be back on the streets, and coddled by the Left. They will find a multitude of excuses for his behaviors, past and future. He will eventually end up prison or dead, or working in some Democrat’s administration.


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