Mystery Solved: Metal Clip Exposed in Hillary Collapse

We’ve been focused on the Hillary Clinton collapse, so much so that we’ve forgotten about one other hint of her illnesses, and the mysterious metal clip.

Recall the video of the metal lip falling from Clinton’s pant leg?


According to InfoWars:

In a report prepared for the Security Council (SC) by the Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR): US presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has been placed in the hospital following her shocking collapse yesterday where the “clips/fasteners” holding her colostomy bag fell from her pants leg and that caused a “blackout of truth” to permeate nearly the entire American media…

There are rumors swirling around Hilary’s inability to control her bowels. We were skewered for posting the picture where Hillary Clinton had a brown stain on her dress. While the comedy of the moment might be a bit crude, we highlighted the bigger picture.

When one loses control of her bowels, it might be time to reflect.

I ask again, would you really want to be president, if you had only a few months to live. Hillary has to have metal clips holding a colostomy bag, and she’s campaigning. How sick is this (pardon the pun)!?

She should be enjoying life. She should spend time with her grandchildren, her husband, and spending all that ill-gotten booty.


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