NAACP Calls Mall Curfew Racist

The Galleria Mall in St. Louis used to be one of the nicest malls in the area. Then Jamestown Mall closed forcing the Galleria to impose a mall curfew.

Jamestown Mall is located on the north side of St. Louis. The mall could no longer attract decent stores due to theft and violent crime, and was forced to close. Since the last stop on the rapid transit system was at the Galleria Mall location, many teens shifted their activities to that mall.

As the Riverfront Times reported,

St. Peters alderman Don Aytes remembers well the fears some of his constituents expressed back in 1998, the year MetroLink supporters tried to bring light rail into suburban St. Charles County.

“I thought for sure it would pass, and then someone on the MetroLink campaign made the decision to advertise that the train would connect Mid Rivers Mall with East St. Louis,” Aytes recalls. “That pretty much killed it right there. Soon you had people saying MetroLink riders would come to St. Charles by train and leave by car — stolen car.”

Ten years later and a growing number of Saint Louis Galleria and Delmar Loop merchants worry that St. Charles voters may have been right: that maybe MetroLink actually enables criminals, especially teenage lawbreakers.

Shoplifting is bad enough. However violent crimes have increased as well. Peruse this thread at City Forum, and you get an idea immediately of the impact the MetroLink caused. Below are just a few of the comments:

ChicagoErin: “I am not from here, so the very fact that they beef up the security so much (you can see them rolling in around 3) is a bit unusual to me. There must be a reason they do this? But I guess it serves it’s purpose if people feel it’s safe. I read that once they added the Metro stop the number of crimes increased exponentially and that the workers didn’t feel safe.”

FlyNavyJ: “A large chunk of the problem came from large groups of kids who were getting into fights at the Galleria. The kids were either being dropped off by parents, or were commuting in on the metrolink or bus system. They’d run into another group of kids, an argument would break out, and a fight would ensue.”

This year two people were shot in a disturbance that started at the Food Court.

The solution imposed in St. Louis? A mall curfew for teens. However, when that same solution was proposed in Maryland, it was met with resistance.

As reported by Breitbart,

Starting September 16, the Towson Town Center in Maryland will require a curfew for anyone 17 years old and younger, a measure the NAACP and other organizations call discriminatory.

“I think that they need to take a look at how to handle this in a different kind of way, other than just to say they are going to stand at the door and bar people. It’s illegal to do that,”said Tessa Hill-Aston, president of the NAACP Baltimore branch.

The mall’s general manager said the age policy was not spurred by any particular incident, and is meant to improve shoppers’ consumer experience.

Yet again, a solution to crime that will benefit the general public is deemed racist, by a racist group. No mention of race is stated or implied in the proposal, yet the NAACP immediately applies “blackness” to it.

They prefer that malls disregard the disproportionate crime that occurs with black teens, and let shoppers have the “gang banger” experience?

Racism will never end until America decides to fight racist Liberal Democrats.

There are many examples of these fights, mostly involving teens. Search “mall fight” on YouTube, and you will see what I mean.

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