Nancy Pelosi: Why Democrats Are Dangerous

House minority leader Nancy Pelosi and other Democrats will lie openly for any reason. But to preserve the career of a Clinton, these ruthless scoundrels will drown puppies.

They are the reason I say Democrats are dangerous.

Asked about Hillary Clinton’s answers regarding her private email server and the subsequent FBI investigation, Pelosi replied,

“I think she handled that questions very well” at last night’s forum…What she did was not something that endangered our national security. She said she shouldn’t have done it that way — that raises questions, which is unfortunate. But as I have said, it is much ado about something, but too much ado about it.”

As almost all of America knows, the subject just won’t go away. The Clintons and the entire Democrat machine have tried to squash it, and that’s a lot of might to apply. Nevertheless, we continue (and will continue) to get more salacious details.

“We have to move on from this…I know of what I speak about classification, how careful we all are about not even acknowledging something that we may have learned in a classified setting, and I do not think Hillary Clinton did that.”

I appreciate the drip-drip approach of all of this. Without it, the Clintons might very well skate. When you consider all of the other scandals the Clintons with the help of Democrats have put down, EmailGate is surprising.

Julian Assange of WikiLeaks may accomplish what nobody else has been able to do. Assange may prove the Clintons are not made of Teflon.


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