New Ad: Clinton Fatigue

Many Conservatives predicted it. Some Liberals worried about it. Well Clinton fatigue finally happened.

The Clinton’s have been around for decades. They finally accomplished officially entering “elite” status. But as I wrote recently, they tried one caper too many. Clinton fatigue has set in.

Clinton fatigue not only hit Hillary Clinton. It has officially hit America. And a clever ad was produced that cuts both ways.


The ad is clever in that it showcases sick people, which alludes to Hillary Clinton’s health. Simultaneously the ad references that Americans have tired of the crooked Clintons, and the scandals that occur wherever they go.

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The dialogue of the ad is below:

“We haven’t seen anything like this since the ’90s,” the doctor tells the nurse, referencing Bill Clinton’s presidency from 1993 to 2001.

“They look so lifeless,” the nurse responds.

“Well, they’ve been through a lot,” the doctor says.

“Email scandals.

“Questionable donations from foreign governments.


“Even pantsuits.”

The nurse replies, “That’s so awful. What’s the diagnosis?”

“Clinton fatigue,” the doctor concludes.





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