Obama Accepts Role as Chief Racist

Obama says that racism increases as the economy falters. As Chief Racist, he should know.

Obama reinforces how racism has achieved epic status during his reign of terror.

Outside of the 1860’s and the 1960’s, there has been no worse time for racial strife in America. This certainly coincides with the worst economy since the Great Depression.

But don’t believe me, Obama says this himself. According to Breitbart,

He blamed the faltering economy for causing the problems in America’s society.

“When suddenly things are harder, people start saying, ‘Ah, you know what, this is the fault of the Chinese,’ or ‘This is the fault of Jews,’ or ‘This is the fault of the Houthi,’ or whatever,” Obama said.

Obama made his remarks during a town hall with young people at Souphanouvong University during his visit to Luang Prabang, Laos.

What’s worse is the divisions in America are not limited to race. We have divisions in gender, religion, and class. Obama has created wars on all fronts.

And like almost all Liberals, Obama ignores the problem by highlighting how things work despite the trouble-making Liberal policies.

The article continues,

He praised America’s many food cuisines and music as a positive result of multiculturalism and also pointed to the Olympics as an example of American success as a result of its diversity.

“Because we have people that came from everywhere, we have people of all different types for every sport,” he said. “So we have really tall people to play basketball or to swim. We have little people for gymnastics. Right? We have, genetically, for whatever sport, we have people who fit the sport, right?”

How utilitarian of Obama. He sees people as “tools.” Short people for gymnastics, tall people for basketball, and so on.



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