Obama and The Myth of Employment

Because for the Left, Obama can do no wrong, America is regularly treated to lies.

Lies about the GDP, the budget, the economy in general, and unemployment specifically. We have the myth of employment in this country.

As Investor’s Business Daily reports:

Eberstadt, who is highly respected on both sides of the political spectrum for his rigorous use of data, notes a number of shocking statistics that belie the current wisdom of a booming jobs market. To wit:

  • Men age 25 to 54 now have a lower labor participation rate than they did in 1940, as the Great Depression was winding down. It’s also far lower than in 1948, the year millions of men from World War II were flooding the labor market.
  • As noted earlier, one in six men today have no job and most have given up looking. At current trends, one in five will be out of the labor force in a generation.
  • African-American men are twice as likely to be in this condition as either whites or Latinos.
  • Many of these nonworking men support themselves by government disability benefits.

Surveys show an alarming increase among men age 25 to 54, the prime working years, engaged in doing such things as “socializing, relaxing and leisure,” “attending gambling establishments,” “tobacco and drug use,” “listening to the radio” and “arts and crafts as a hobby.” Many men, it seems, have virtually no work skills at all — and no way to get them.

Many of these trends in the collapse of male work may be a result of our soaring prison population and the “prevalence of non-institutionalized felons and ex-prisoners,” Eberstadt argues.

Americans are under-employed. Under-employment is not reflected in the stats for the most part, however it is felt in the community.

These are the facts about Obama. However, the Left and particularly black Leftist love this loser.

The spiral created by Obama has the potential to crush America. The next president cannot be a rookie, when it comes to the economy, and how things work. America needs a professional.

For Hillary Clinton to say that she wants to continue Obama’s recklessness borders on crazy.


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