Obama’s Numbers Never Add Up

I remember the interview where Obama’s golf handicap was revealed. He comments that he’s a “legitimate 12.” Legitimate 12 my buttocks. We all know that Obama’s numbers never add up.

I asked at the time, “Who gives their golf score that way?!” Obama sounded as if he’s finally telling the truth to some confidante.

“I’ve been telling people I’m a 6, but truth be told, I’m a legitimate 12.”

Golfers (and Conservatives) know, “To thine self be true!” It’s Liberals who lie to fool themselves and others. Why lie about your golf handicap, when in almost all circumstances the lie will penalize you. If you’re going to lie about a golf handicap, make it higher!

Obama does the opposite. He says he’s a 6, then plays to an 18. He chalks not shooting 6 to having a rough day.

Whether it’s his golf handicap, or when he told the American people that as president he would have no life, Obama lies, and lies constantly. Talk about a Negro hitting the lottery!

This man was wholly unqualified to be president, and honestly wasn’t even fit to be Bernie Sanders’ errand boy. But there Obama sits on the lofty perch. He is idolized by all who invested in the penny stock; a stock most would short, if they could avoid the embarrassment.

Obama’s marquee, legacy-making legislation is represented by ObamaCare. He bragged about covering tens of millions of people who couldn’t afford healthcare. Well they certainly can’t afford it now.

According to Townhall Tip Sheet,

In January, we reported that the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office had downgraded its forecast for Obamacare enrollments by eight million people, with many consumers deciding that the ‘Affordable’ Care Act was just too costly.  The official protections were slashed by another million in March.  Among the millions of Americans who have signed up for the law since 2013, a large percentage of them were covered before the law evicted them from their existing plans, in contravention of a central presidential promise.  By one important measure, Obamacare’s overall enrollment performance has undershot initial actuarial forecasts by 24 million people.  And as taxpayers shell out $2 trillion to pay for a failing, unpopular law, CBO has also determined that the number of uninsured Americans is expected to rise  from 26 million to 28 million between 2017 and 2026.

America remains just as uninsured as it was pre-ObamaCare. And we have triple the bill to prove it.


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