Rampant Voter Fraud From Democrats

If Donald Trump should worry about anything, it’s getting “pencil whipped;” He must concern himself with the possibility of rampant voter fraud by the Clinton campaign.

Democrats will do everything they can to keep Trump out, even if it means electing crooked Hillary Clinton. Rampant voter fraud is their tool of choice, when their candidate can’t win on his or her own merit.

As reported in the Richmond Times-Dispatch,

Harrisonburg officials and the FBI are investigating allegations of voter registration fraud after officials say almost 20 voter applications were turned in under the names of dead people.

Harrisonburg Registrar Debbie Logan said Thursday that investigators have found from 18 to 20 potentially fraudulent registrations. The Rockingham County Commonwealth’s Attorney’s Office confirmed Thursday that an investigation is underway, but offered no additional details on the case.

The applications were turned in by a voter registration group called HarrisonburgVOTES, officials said. The group’s representatives could not be reached for comment Thursday. No charges have been filed.

The Breeze, the student newspaper of James Madison University, reported that the applications were submitted by a student working for the group. The problem came to light when an employee in the registrar’s office noticed a new registration had come in from Richard Claybrook Sr., the late father of a well-known local judge.

“When they used a distinguished resident of Harrisonburg’s name and address, it came to the attention of an employee who has worked in the city for many years,” Logan said.

This is one of the cases where the Democrats screwed up and got caught. But you can bet there are many others where this would have easily slipped through the cracks.

The article continues,

Republican lawmakers held a news conference call Thursday to call attention to the investigation, which they said proves voter fraud is real and validates their push for strong voter ID laws.

“Often times we hear our Democrat colleagues suggest that voter fraud doesn’t exist in Virginia or is a myth,” said House Speaker William H. Howell, R-Stafford. “Well it does indisputably exist.”

“If it hadn’t been for the vigilance of a citizen, this fraud effort may never have been uncovered until it was too late,” said Del. Mark L. Cole, R-Spotsylvania, who chairs the House Privileges and Elections Committee.

The only way crooked Hillary Clinton gets in the White House is by cheating. If the Democrats know that we will raise holy HELL, they will be less likely to cheat universally.

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