Scalpers Sell Tickets for $200 to Trump Rally

Hillary Clinton held a rally in Greensboro, NC that drew less than 300 people. Her lap dog Bernie Sanders got less than 150 people at an event he held. Meanwhile, at Donald Trump events scalpers sell tickets.

That’s right, Trump events are so coveted, that scalpers sell tickets. And for $200! Check out this ad on Craigslist.

NBC reported the story,

Thousands of people with tickets to Donald Trump’s rally on Monday may not get into the event.

German Arena will only allow about 8,000 people inside, and rally organizers are scrambling to find a larger venue.

Lee County confirmed Friday that no permit application has been filed for any other venue. Ticket holders say it may be too late to find a bigger space.

“I am going to be pissed if I can’t get in,” said Babs Littleton.

She wants to see what Trump has to say, so she got a ticket to him.

“People who agree with him, people who don’t agree with him, everyone is excited to go. He has definitely created excitement.”

Sure, Hillary Clinton can win Florida. I’m not sure what the latest polls are. Regardless, if Trump continues to get people out to his events by the thousands, he will leave Hillary Clinton in the dust.

And where are all the protesters that were appearing at all the Trump events? Did the Left run out of our money to pay them?

The report continues,

Ticket registration closed Friday afternoon. While the number of tickets distributed hasn’t been disclosed, the event is expected to attract between 9,000 and 15,000 people.

At the low end of that figure, a Trump audience is equivalent to 30 Hillary Clinton events. Work smart, not hard, right?!

“We need a bigger venue!” said nobody ever to the Clinton campaign. Yet this is not uncharted water for Trump.

Trump’s camp has overbooked before. In January, officials in Vermont warned of safety concerns when Trump organizers distributed about 20,000 free tickets for a venue that only seated 1,400. With those numbers, no wonders scalpers sell tickets to Trump rallies.

Vermont is Hillary Clinton lapdog and sellout Bernie Sanders’ state.

The Democrat spin will be, “So what people come by the thousands to see speeches.” Right, because it’s the dead voters who really matter.


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