Rapper Sean P-Diddy Combs Criticizes Obama

Rap mogul Sean P-Diddy Combs criticizes Obama in this video. He’s quick to backtrack just enough to keep his money flowing.

Nevertheless, his comments don’t bode well for Hillary Clinton.

While talking to Al Sharpton, Combs said he still loves Obama. However, Combs doesn’t think Obama has done enough for the black community.

Combs claims it was the black vote that got Obama elected. Thus, black voters need to turn up the “heat.” Turn up the heat on the Democrat Party is what he was suggesting.

Combs declared that the black community shouldn’t vote blindly for Democrats. Furthermore, politicians should come get the vote, not expect it. There is only one party he can speak to with the record of marginalizing blacks, and taking the black vote for granted.

Combs essentially said that blacks need to make sure that the promises made to black during the election are followed through after the election.

While Combs never said he was pro-Trump, he certainly didn’t advocate for Hillary Clinton.

Ask yourself if Combs or Trump supporter Ice Cube would make such statements, if Obama were running?

For Democrats to believe Hillary Clinton has secured the black vote is delusional. Thankfully Donald Trump is coming for the vote, as Combs put it.

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