Shocking Video! Trump yard sign thief electrocuted!

A Donald Trump supporter is making America honest again by booby-trapping his campaign yard sign. A Trump yard sign thief learned this the hard way. And yes, there is video.

An unidentified Trump supporter has endured months of theft and vandalism of his yard signs, and decided to take action. He attached an electrical current to a sign and let a security camera capture the action. When the Trump yard sign thief struck again, the result was YUGE. Observe.

News stories and videos of Donald Trump yard signs being stolen or vandalized are quite common. However, instances of Hillary Clinton yard signs being stolen or vandalized are rare. That says something about the people each candidate is attracting. Voters attracted to a liberal candidate like Hillary Clinton are intent on limiting freedom of speech that offends them. That is something Trump supporters cannot be accused of.

Videos like this are indicative of the ingenuity and resolve of Trump supporters. They are sick and tired of being victimized and intimidated. Instead of running for a safe space, they take action to protect themselves. If that means electric shock therapy for thieves, so be it.

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