This is a Sneaky Hostage Rescue (video)

A man has taken a female hostage by knife point. His body language suggests he means business.

Suddenly a woman dressed as a nurse approaches him with a drink. Perhaps the standoff had lasted a while, so the offering was appropriate.

As the video shows, the man, though agitated, takes the drink, and begins to drink.

The “nurse” suddenly brings a weapon from a front pouch in her outfit. The man notices that he’s been duped, however he reacts too late.

As he reaches for his weapon, the cop (dressed as the nurse) shoots him.

Her movements show that this one well-trained police officer.

As I watched this video, I thought of Trump. Specifically I thought of how Trump saved America from politicians.

The Republican Party has Conservatives by the throat. They have been threatening to kill us for decades. Republicans despise the grass roots, specifically the Tea Party Community. Democrats despise Conservatives, even more. The knife-wielding man represent politicians on both sides.

Like politicians, the man has one agenda; his own.

Trump appeared on the scene like that “nurse.” He offered politicians a drink, and when they took it, he shot them, metaphorically of course.

The relief that woman felt in the video showcases the very same relief America will feel when we have a businessman at the help. Trump is not a savior. He’s just somebody not corrupted by politics.

Is he perfect. Absolutely. Trump is perfectly flawed. Trump’s flaws allow him to be real.

Trump’s style confounds politicians. Like that sneaky nurse, Trump has performed a sneaky hostage rescue.

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