Syrian Refugee Meets Karma

Muslims who come to America bring a serious cultural divide. Their “religion” contradicts the American way of life and our Constitution.

Far too many Muslims and their sympathizers believe in barbaric things like women are less than men, and that men rule the roost.

Other countries are now finding Islam incompatible with their ways of life as well. Though their so-called leaders remain in denial, their citizens see it.

The citizens of Germany may be second only to Paris in their dealings with Muslims, and the culture clash. Germany daily it seems witnesses some atrocity at the hands of Muslims. In this example from the Daily Mail, a Muslim man is introduced to Karma.

A Syrian refugee in Germany who tried to kill his wife by setting her on fire using barbecue lighter fluid ended up dying in the flames.

The 45-year-old stormed a house the town of Ruedesheim, west of Frankfurt, and started dousing his spouse with the flammable liquid on Thursday.

When he tried to burn her alive, the flames engulfed him and the would-be killer died of his injuries.

Liberals reading about this story will chalk it up to domestic violence. Some feminists will fault the “male-dominated” society.

Perhaps. There are cruel people in the world, and many are indeed men. America and the rest of the civilized world have learned to punish such creatures. America’s commitment to law and order is the reason women are so successful in our country, and not subjugated.

In this case, the refugee meets Karma. Yes, the exotic and ever-lurking Karma did the dirty work, so the Germans didn’t have to. However, in Muslim countries all over the world, this woman would be the one who died; and likely for no reason.

When will Liberals of the world address the gross misogyny of Islam, a “religion” that discriminates against everything?

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