Tim Kaine Hammers Hillary Clinton in a Recent Speech

Hillary Clinton’s VP running mate, Tim Kaine gave a speech in Erie, Pennsylvania. In his speech, Kaine hammers Hillary Clinton!

Does Kaine know what side he’s on?

In typical Liberal fashion, Kaine tried to make all of Hillary Clinton’s issues, Donald Trump’s issues.

He spoke of finances, saying make sure the candidate doesn’t owe anybody.

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So the guy who made his money through business and attained a net worth of $10 billion, versus the woman who’s foundation has profited from every continent except Antarctica?

Hillary Clinton claims her husband brought “math” to Washington. I suggest her campaign, “Do the math!”

The Democrats want to paint Trump as the billionaire who doesn’t pay his bills. Nice try, particularly when you remember how the Clintons got their wealth.

Kaine’s next point centered around “foreign entanglements.” This may have the most incredulous of all his comments, given what we have learned about his boss’ web of foreign money sources.

Hillary Clinton’s crooked foundation has touched every rich country on the planet. Who knows what she’s promised?! Well, Julian Assange knows, and thankfully he’s spilling the beans.

From Angola to Zambia, the Clinton Foundation has been exploiting black people. Ironically, Hillary Clinton’s ties to her foundation will be her undoing.

Clinton catheterKaine’s final point discussed the health of candidates. Trump campaigns like he’s in his early 50’s, while Hillary Clinton is said to need 18 hours of sleep.

Rumors persist that Clinton must wear a catheter, and can’t control her bowels. She won’t give press conferences, and pretty much avoids unscripted public appearances.

In short, Clinton is as healthy as Fidel Castro.

Kaine said that candidates should be on the “up and up”. He’s right. Kaines hammers it home.


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