Trey Gowdy Destroys BLM Advocate

Trey Gowdy destroys a BLM advocate.

Gowdy discussed one of the main problems with solving crimes involving people of color. He points out that refusal of witnesses to come forward and testify is the #1 problem.

Watching Trey Gowdy use his masterful skills as a former federal prosecutor is a performance worthy of a Clarence Darrow, and much like the famed statesman, noted orator, and three-time presidential candidate, Gowdy embodies that same down home southern wit that was Darrow’s trademark which gained him the title as a “sophisticated country lawyer.”

The 5-plus minute video clip captures Gowdy skillfully taking apart a Black Lives Matter advocate and ethnic studies professor, as he skillfully takes her through a civics lesson, and demonstrates why he is considered one of the most brilliant and highly regarded lawmakers within congress today.

Gowdy represents South Carolina’s 4th congressional district masterfully. He began questioning the professors on names of fallen police officers. He asked the anti-police professor, and former prosecutor if she recalled any of those names being referenced.

Time and again the professor answered, “No.”

Gowdy described the various incident’s of police assaults and deaths in the line of duty. In one particular encounter Gowdy describes how a police officer gave CPR to a suspect who had just shot his partner.

He also referenced why many crimes involving blacks within the inner city. These crimes are seldom resolved. Because in the black community the saying is, “Snitches get stitches.” In other words, blacks refuse to provide evidence in criminal activities of other blacks.

However blacks come out in droves, when a cop shoots a black person, even those who deserve it.

This professor came to Capital Hill to spout her anti-police nonsense. She likely didn’t count on a no-nonsense and factual analyses of what is taking place across the country, and within the inner cities.

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