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Trump Appeals to Black Voters

Leftists believe they have a lock on black voters. If anybody dare approach black voters, the Left acts like a wronged pimp.This is why Democrats have a coronary, when Trump appeals to black voters.

Democrats truly feel as if the black vote is theirs and theirs alone. So when Trump appeals to black voters, he must be run from the plantation.

Kevin Jackson explains in this video how Donald Trump may be the biggest change agent in the black voter dynamic in some time.

As Donald Trump pointed out recently, “What do you [blacks] have to lose?” The answer: nothing.

If Hillary Clinton were to get elected (she won’t), blacks would continue down the path to destruction, Because Trump reached out to blacks, black race-baiting Liberals suddenly have declared blacks cured of societal ills. Funny they don’t say that when Democrats come calling with America’s checkbook in hand.

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