Trump Exhausting Clinton Campaign Funds

Pre-DNC convention, Hillary Clinton spent over $40 million in battleground states torching Trump. The spend might as well have gone to The Clinton Foundation. Like the foundation, it accomplished nothing.

Soon after that mega-spend, Clinton’s poll numbers dropped due to controversy over DNC emails. During this same period Trump spent less than $1 million in campaign funds.

After the convention, Clinton got her bump in the polls by way of “recalculating” how the polls were done. Like the convention, the polls were fraudulent, as the Democrats pretended they had mended fences with the #BernieOrBust crowd.

Clinton lives with the delusion that she’s leading in crucial battleground states. Further, Clinton believes that Republican strongholds are in play.

If you pay people enough, perhaps they will tell you what you want to hear?

According to the Washington Times, Trump may be pulling a “rope a dope.”

Hillary Clinton has spent $75 million buying advertisements on television. In comparison, Donald Trump has spent $7.7 million.

At the end of June, Mrs. Clinton’s team had 651 paid staffers across the country, Mr. Trump’s team had 68.

Establishment pundits see Trump’s approach as a negative, but they don’t understand how big the iceberg is under the water. There are tens of thousands of people working for Trump behind the scenes. Trump works smart, and hard!

Consider all that Clinton has on her side, and ask yourself how non-establishment Trump keeps pace.

As the Washington Times put it,

And the mainstream media loves her. Some news anchors and pundits have even argued neutrality can’t be an option in this election cycle because of the divisive rhetoric of Mr. Trump. Mrs. Clinton held a 30-plus-minute speech addressing Mr. Trump’s racism — carried live on every network — shredding him apart using his own words.

And yet, Mrs. Clinton hasn’t been able to break, or hold onto, 50 percent in national and battleground-state polls.

Clinton won’t break 50…ever. Trump has a whisper campaign, where people support him but won’t say it. I believe Clinton has a “talk” campaign, where many people say they will support her publicly, but won’t support her at the ballot box.

Clinton needs the radical black vote, and she’s not getting it. Trump’s foray into the black community is paying off, and not just by gathering votes. What Trump does limits the “noise” against him. And as that noise lessens for him, it potentially increases against Hillary Clinton.

When Hillary Clinton loses her not so well-trained pit bulls, her election chances end.


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