Trump Slayed Liberals’ Sacred Cow! Black Victimhood

I’ve written extensively on how blacks are suddenly excelling in the wake of Donald Trump’s outreach. The way I see it, Trump slayed Liberals’ Sacred Cow: black victimhood.

Previously, discussions of the black condition elicited things like high crime neighborhoods, bad schools, high unemployment, and so on. However,┬ánow that Trump has threatened to buy the plantation and start paying the workers, suddenly Liberals’ sacred cow roasts on the rotisserie.

Soapboxie discusses black victimhood:

It is a cry of many Black Americans that, “We have not yet reached the Promised Land.” and “When will we reach our Promised Land.” Guess what? This is the 21st century and those mantras are tired and worn out. We Black Americans must create our Promised Land through high intellectual and academic achievement in addition to a prodigious work ethic

Sadly, many Black Americans believe that they need a savior to help them to achieve educational and socioeconomic parity. I heard that many Black Americans state that they voted for Barack Obama to be President of the United States solely because he is Black. A lot of Black Americans pinned all of their hopes and dreams on President Obama, praying and hoping that he would get them out of a hopelessly dire socioeconomic situation and into a more affluent lifestyle. Now many Black Americans are displeased with President Obama because they believed that he did not create for them the housing and jobs that he promised that he would create

Many Black Americans contend that they are blameless for the educational and socioeconomic morass they are in. This belief and ideology are not only prevalent among lower socioeconomic classes of Black Americans but also among a few middle and upper middle socioeconomic classes of Black Americans. For example, one maternal cousin once removed, who has a Master’s Degree in Psychology and is in a high-level administrative position, steadfastly maintain that “the man” is holding “us brother/sisters back”.

Is Trump on to something? Is the new battle cry for blacks, “I will no longer be victimized!”

Certainly much of the demise of black Liberals lies with black Liberals. However they receive a lot of “help” from white Liberals.

White Liberals have been all too eager to watch black Liberals self-segregate, then un-educate. Then came Donald Trump.

Like Trump accomplished with discussions on illegal immigration, Muslim refugee resettlement, and trade with China, he has managed to open up a new discussion. Typically race discussion don’t go very well for Republicans. However, Trump defies the Left and their playbook.

If this continues, black Liberals may very well enter mainstream America. This remains a scary prospect for Democrats who have maintained a stranglehold on the black vote.



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