Trump’s Novel Way Mexico Will Pay for the Border Wall

Many reasons exist to build a border wall between Mexico and the United States.

Lack of a border wall has allowed illegal drugs to decimate American society. Further, drugs have enriched foreigners beyond imagination.

El Chapo was so wealthy, he had a private zoo. He was said to import animals from all over the world for his viewing pleasure. An empire built by drug money.

Foreigners involved in drugs make billions of dollars, and impact governments with their corruption. It’s time America fight back, and Trump has a novel approach.

In Trump’s recent immigration speech, he assured America that  Mexico would pay for his proposed border wall “100 percent.” The Mexican cartels may be how Trump plans to pay for the wall.

According to LifeZette, a senior Trump campaign official, a president Trump would consider using assets seized from Mexican drug cartels to finance the construction.

You have to admire this type of thinking; using funds seized from the illegal drug trade to stop the illegal border activities.

A wall is not the only solution, but consider what the wall does.

First, building the wall provides construction jobs. The Left constantly talk about “roads and bridges,” but don’t like building wall, unless the walls surround their residences.

Trumps wall would cost around $8-10 billion dollars, money that could spur the economy.

Next, the wall would lessen the flow of illegals into America. The objective of the wall is to force people to use our LEGAL immigration system.

The plan reportedly would involve “joint border security fund,” in which seized assets from both sides of the border would be deposited and used to build and maintain the border wall “to the benefit of both Mexico and the United States.”

The funding?

The Justice Department seized $8.7 billion in drug money in 2015 alone, according to an audit. There’s no telling how much we’ve accumulated. Further, that figure doesn’t include assets seized by the Mexican government.

The wall won’t stop the illegal drug trade, but it certainly will put a dent into the flow of drugs coming to America.

The wall represents an attack on the drug cartels. These groups menace Mexico, and their crimes undoubtedly affect people in the United States. The wall begins the fight against corruption, drugs, human trafficking, illegal immigration, and terrorism in one fell swoop.

“For decades, the illicit drug and arms trade has endangered and destroyed the lives of countless Mexicans and Americans,” an anonymous Trump immigration adviser said. “It would be sweet justice to use their illegal profits and property for something good.”

Trump thinks differently than Washington. His type of thinking is what America needs.

H/T Newsmax

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