WikiLeaks Identifies Parents of ISIS

Hillary Clinton recently blamed the rise of ISIS on Donald Trump.

Then again, what else is new. Trump is responsible for Hurricane Katrina and the Great Depression.

Democrats ISIS parent
More recently Clinton said that Trump CREATED ISIS. However newly leaked documents show that the DNCC knows exactly who created ISIS.

It’s all Bush’s fault.

Despite not hearing the word ISIS or ISIL until well into the Obama administration, the DCCC blames Bush.

Certainly they wouldn’t blame the Obama/Clinton foreign policy failures. Not when it’s easier to blame a billionaire who wasn’t involved at all in politics.

I’m sure at some point in the Clinton campaign we will learn that it was Trump who shot the video that led to the Benghazi attack.

This is the attack where Hillary Clinton said “Nobody was killed.” But don’t let that small memory lapse lead you to believe there is anything wrong with former Secretary of State Clinton’s brain. No evidence points to that possibility, needless to say.

For now, we will just settle for the story the DCCC, the Clinton campaign the media, or the Obama administration tells us.

As Maury would say:

“Donald Trump…in the question of whether you are the father of ISIS. You are NOT the father!”

Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are the parents of ISIS, despite what the Leftists try to promote.



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