Hillary Clinton Campaign Manager Deletes Twitter Timeline

Anybody surprised that Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager has deleted his entire Twitter timeline now that the FBI has relaunched their investigation?

As Katie Pavlich of Townhall notes,

Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager Robby Mook has apparently deleted his entire Twitter timeline. Previous tweets, of which there were hundreds, are no longer visible on his page just hours after the FBI announced it was looking into newly found emails belonging to the former Secretary of State.

Only a single tweet, which was sent two days ago, remains.

According to Pavlich, this is all you can find on Mook’s Twitter feed.


CYA should be the catchphrase of the Clinton campaign, as they live in continual CYA mode. And who can blame them.

Democrats have the most corrupt candidate in the history of the Republic. I have discussed on my radio show what it must be like to wake up every day knowing what scandals you potential could face, if you work for the Clinton campaign. There are truly so many scandals lurking, the campaign must maintain multiple “Scandal Managers.”

Benghazi got swept under the rug for most on the Left, though Conservatives won’t forget it. As a matter of politics, the Democrats did a pretty good job of minimizing the deaths of 4 people, as well as the efforts to save dozens of other lives.

The DNC corruption against Bernie Sanders, et al presented a bit more difficult case. After Debbie Wasserman-Schultz jumped on the grenade, collateral damage was kept to a minimum.

And then came WikiLeaks, or what I deemed WikiPour.

Revelation after revelation kept the Democrats on tilt. Clinton put a shoutout on Craigslist for more Scandal Managers for blacks, Latinos, gays, women, men, Catholics, even midgets. Who didn’t the Democrats marginalize?

Of course they blamed the Russians, trying to ignore the fact that the CONTENT WAS LEGIT!

Now with the new FBI investigation, Robby Mooks decided to rid himself of his Twitter. Hasn’t this moron learned that somebody out there will get the data? And now that he’s deleted his timeline, I have one word to address this: Guccifer!

As I said, to be a member of the Clinton campaign since its inception is to look into a volcano…from the edge. At this stage, I can only imagine the scrambling happening to try to salvage reputations and careers. You can bet resumes are flying in DC, as staffers look for safe spaces.

Remember only a few days ago Hillary Clinton was said to be “looking past” Donald Trump. We were told that she was ignoring Trump at this point in the campaign, and focusing “down ticket.” The idea was that Hillary Clinton controlled things, and she was now ready to help Democrats get back the Senate and potentially the House.

I scoffed at that notion at the time, and rightfully so. What Hillary Clinton and the media tried to do is what the Left constantly tries to do: subterfuge.

Hillary Clinton wakes up every day with PTSD of her own creation. She can no more look past Donald Trump, than she can her epi-pen. Both stand at the ready, one to save her life, and the other do doom her.

Mooks knows that Hillary Clinton is doomed, and his Twitter delete shows he’s preparing for the next chapter, and not with Hillary Clinton.



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