Trump Begins America’s War on the NFL and Leftism

Trump Begins America’s War on the NFL and Leftism

The NFL will soon stand for Not For Liberalism, if NFL ratings keep declining.

For quite some time the league has been dogged with political correctness; ironic for a gladiator sport. Nevertheless, the NFL has “wussified” itself to the point where soon the sport will be played with players wearing air bags.

This slow march of the sport toward “ballet” has led to the loss in popularity, ergo ratings. However, the pace of decline has quickened, and that has the NFL wondering what’s happening.

Most of the Prime Time games have been down 13 to 17 percent in viewership. Reports are that Thursday and Sunday Night Football have lost almost one out of every five fans so far this year; that’s a 20 percent drop-off. Monday Night Football has lost almost one out of every four fans.

The NFL, they are looking for answers, and here are some.

According to “The Comeback“:

The Josh Brown domestic violence fiasco is just the latest example of NFL mismanagement. The league and one of its highest-profile owners and franchises have been exposed as either grossly incompetent or turning a willful blind eye to the harsh reality of Brown’s own admitted domestic violence.  

Who does the NFL think it is? Golf!

The NFL has dealt with bad behavior for decades. The sad truth is the NFL plucks many kids from bad upbringings, and gives them lots of money to fuel their indulgences.

Is it any wonder the rate of domestic violence is much higher in the NFL than it is in the general population. As the Huffington Post reported:

The researchers identified six years in which the rate of NFL players’ rates of violent crime was above the national average at a “statistically significant” level. In a number of other years, the rate was above the general male population as well, albeit less so. The combined measure of 2000 to 2013 found that NFL players have been arrested for violent crimes at a rate above 20- and 30-something men as a whole in the 21st century overall.

Keep in mind the number of times NFL crimes are covered up by special “handlers,” and you can see that crime is no excuse for the ratings fall off.

America loves its gladiators, and they are not surprised when these warriors act out elsewhere. America may not condone the behavior, but one can easily look the other way when bragging about the Super Bowl trophy.

But are the NFL players brutes? When the league has these warriors wear pink for Breast Cancer Awareness Month, you do have to wonder.

Contrast this with Liberals saying that make Sheriff Joe Arpaio a monster for decking out his prisoners in pink underwear. Is Sheriff Joe not as sensitive to Breast Cancer Awareness as the NFL?  Oh crap, the sheriff did forget the ribbons.

Next came concussions. We are discussing a sport where men run into each other at a combined force of 40 mph, and you wonder if they might get a concussion?

Remember the old days when men left the football field, folded up their helmets and put them in their back pockets? Then they went to their weekday jobs. Now we have players with multi-year, multi-million dollar contracts who don’t want to be touched. What next, shadow-boxing matches?

Then there is the crackdown on celebrations. These are truly some of the most ridiculous reasons to stop a game and issue a penalty. The New York Times reported:

Celebration penalties are up sharply this season. The league says it has not changed its rules but has made excessive celebration a “point of emphasis,” essentially asking officials to pay extra attention to enforcing the existing rules. And that has meant that the flags, and fines, are flying.

Don’t let the guys have an outlet for their joy, when there’s money to be made!

And if all this isn’t enough, we get the sideline antics of black activist ingenues Princess Colin Kaepernick. Instead of simply playing his watered down version of football for outrageous fortune, Kaepernick took a stand for a bogus cause. And the NFL allowed it.

Had the league taken a tougher stance against this ethnocentric racist, perhaps they wouldn’t be going through ratings triage.

I suggest the NFL consider what’s happening as a wake-up call. It’s time the game return to being just a game.


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