Bill Clinton: Fondles Flight Attendant on Camera

While the media would like the world to focus on Donald Trump’s frat boy talk, the Leftists’ strategy backfires yet again. Two can play the “What happened two decades ago still counts” game.

In the uncovered ABC footage from the 1990’s, Bill Clinton fondles a flight attendant…on camera. He didn’t realize his grope was documented, until it was too late. Gotcha, Bill!

Though the video happens quickly, you can see Clinton stick his right  hand between the flight attendant’s legs. Even more quickly, she grabs his arm and moves it off to the side. We will try to slow this down soon, so you can see this is what happens.

Any chance CNN will play this footage during the upcoming debate? It would certainly make for vibrant discussion.

Bill Clinton’s behavior comes as no surprise to anyone, especially those closest to him.

Check out Bill’s Top 20 Sexual Dalliances.

The Hillary Camp, NRO RINOs and the like will soon find out that people will forgive locker room talk of a billionaire playboy. However they will not forgive what they learn about the canonized Liberal icon and rapist Bill Clinton.

Bill Clinton may have skirted the sexual assault and rape issues as president, however like his penis, Bill Clinton’s cover has also been blown. Sorry Monica!

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