Bill Clinton’s Top 20 Sexual Dalliances

Bill Clinton is a serial rapist and professional womanizer. Hillary Clinton has been his pimp. It’s really that simple folks. Yet, the Left wants to make hay with Trump speaking “lewd” about women. Next we will hear about the pubic hair on the can of coke, right Clarence?!

Compared to Trump, Clinton is the GOD of sexual depravity. Moreover, if Clinton had Trump’s money, the man would be DEAD.  We certainly would be talking about more than the Top 20 sexual dalliances, and more like the Top 2000.

You can bet that if Clinton were a millionaire in his 20s, we would have NO knowledge of Hillary Rodham. Who? Exactly.

Red Alert Politics documented 20 Bill Clinton sexual missteps, and hopefully you can get this in the hands of a few Millennial women?

While everyone knows about Monica Lewinsky, the White House intern who was in love with Bill and regularly performed oral sex on him, most millennials give the former president a pass. After all it consensual between two adults, and Hillary forgave him- to quote Whitney Houston, “It’s not right but it’s okay.”

Lewinsky was not the only one. Bill’s sexual encounters stretched back throughout his entire political career — which predates the first millennial being born and included cases of sexual misconduct, harassment, assault, and even an accusation of rape. Unlike the Duke Lacrosse Players or Mattress Girl, these stories had validity but didn’t get much mainstream attention.

Here’s a run down:

Eileen Wellstone allegedly was sexually assaulted by a 23-year old Bill Clinton at a pub near Oxford University (the future president was a student there). He admitted to the encounter, but claimed it was consensual. Nonetheless, he ended up leaving the school a year after the incident without a degree.

According to Capitol Hill Blue, just three years later while he was dating Hillary at Yale University, a female student called campus police stating that Bill sexually molested her.

In 1974, an unnamed University of Arkansas student complained to her faculty advisor that her law professor Bill Clinton groped her and forced his hand inside her blouse. The 28-year-old law professor claimed that she was the one who came onto him.

Capitol Hill Blue reported that “several former students at the University have confirmed the incident in confidential interviews and said there were other reports of Clinton attempting to force himself on female students.”

Hillary Clinton and the Left have re-opened a can of worms that will wriggle all over them.

For the FULL Clinton list go here


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