Blacks for Trump Laugh at Hillary’s Intimate Campaign Event

It seems that Hillary Clinton is so popular, nobody bothered to attend her intimate campaign event in Florida.

Across from where Hillary Clinton was having her intimate campaign event, where they limit the audience, a few Trump supporters got together to ridicule her.

Though only a few Trump supporters came out to remind Hillary that she is not universally liked, that handful of Trumpettes were more than attended Hillary’s event.

They had fun at the idea that there were more impromptu Trump supporters than people who cared to see the “most popular woman in the world.”

Because these events are so embarrassing to the Clinton campaign, they actually said they prefer the “intimacy” of small events. Sure, and rock bands love playing empty venues.

At a recent Trump event, it was reported that an estimated crowd of 10,000 were turned away, and this was with the threat of a thunderstorm. The people who didn’t get it were said to number more than all attendees at Hillary Clinton events over the past two months.

This intimate campaign event seems to indicate a lack of caring on the part of Hillary Clinton supporters, if you ask this bystander. Any more of these events, and it might lead people to believe that Hillary Clinton is not as popular as the Left wants us to believe.


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