BUSTED! Clinton Campaign Photoshop Rally Attendance

As if things couldn’t get any worse for the Clinton campaign, we learn they photoshop rally attendance.

Taking a page out of Star Wars, the Democrats are ‘cloning’ their supporters at one of their rallies in order to bolster the optics of the size of their events!

As Red State Watcher reports:

Hillary was only able pull in 500 people at an Orlando event.  Her VP, Tim Kaine had about 30 people at another Florida rally, and abruptly canceled another.

In yet another embarrassing campaign rally turnout, former President Bill Clinton hosted 50 people at Cleveland State University. The rally could have been held in the hallways of a high school!

Here is a Twitter photo of the actual event:

Then through the miracle of modern technology (PhotoShop), a lackluster 50 person event turns into a ‘full house’!

Here is how the event was depicted on Facebook.

The young man circled in red is the basis.  Next to him you can see the same bald man in the dark suit.

Next, you can spot the same two young women in the light blue and dark blue shirts (look for the pony tail). Then there is the same dark haired young man in the burgundy shirt; next to the same man in the dark t-shirt looking up at the ‘OHIO’ sign (in the opposite direction); and the same woman with the long blonde hair.

It’s literally a game of “Where’s Waldo:  The Clinton Version“.

And the media wonders why we don’t trust them or the Clintons? When you PhotoShop rally attendance, then downplay the huge rallies of your competitor, one might take pause.

As you might imagine, the crowds will be even smaller for Clinton and her surrogates, given the latest developments in DickiLeaks or WeinerGate, if you prefer. The FBI investigation has already impacted Clinton’s poll numbers, as it should. And you can bet things will get worse for her.

Nevertheless, there is potentially good new for Hillary Clinton, as far as the crowds. Hillary Clinton could get a huge crowd…at her prison sentencing!

I speak for many Americans who will gladly show up to wish Hillary Clinton well, as she’s carted of to prison in shackles.


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