Clinton Foundation Defense: We’re A Different Kind of Charity

The Clinton Foundation defense: We’re a “different kind of charity.” It’s one that’s allowed to operate as a fraud.

Watch this Clinton surrogate use the Clinton Foundation defense and get annihilated by Melissa Francis.

His claim is the Clintons hire lots of people to go into countries. They do. They hire their family, friends, and friends of family and big donors to go to the work. They pay them outrageous salaries, as the Clintons themselves keep the cash flowing.

The Clinton Foundation is an elitist scam, pure and simple. This foundation does NOTHING that isn’t being done by more charities, and in a MUCH better way. As Melissa Francis mentioned, when you give less than 10 percent of the money you collect away, you aren’t being very charitable.

Like her charity Hillary Clinton is a fraud. Furthermore, Hillary Clinton believes she’s a different kind of citizen. She also believes she is above the law.

The Clinton Foundation defense isn’t fooling most people, and neither is Hillary Clinton.

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