Clinton Foundation Employee Outs Bill Clinton

Doug Band wanted what Bill Clinton had. After all, he was part of the crooked racketeering group known as The Clinton Foundation.

So what his name wasn’t Clinton. He was part of the band, pun intended.

We learn in one of the latest Wikileaks dump his feelings on the corruption of the group. Why should he be disallowed to commingling nonprofit, for-profit, official and political activities involving his own consulting company, Teneo?

Teneo is a private consulting firm founded by Band and Declan Kelly, also on the Foundation staff. Band is the person who actually helped set up what became known as Bill Clinton, Inc.

Politico explains:

The memo at one point refers bluntly to the money-making part of Clinton’s life as “Bill Clinton Inc.” and notes that in at least one case a company — global education firm Laureate International Universities — began paying Clinton personally after first being a donor to the Clinton Foundation.  

The 12-page document was prepared in 2011 by Band with input from Clinton adviser John Podesta. In the document, Band connects the dots on the obvious conflicts of interest Bill Clinton has within the Foundation. His relationships, speeches, consulting positions, and so on brought him exorbitant amounts of personal income and donations to his non-profit.

Band noted,

“The agency conservatively estimates that in the last decade, $20 million in speeches for the President have derived sole from Justin and my efforts.”

Ironically, it may have been Chelsea Clinton who caused the unraveling of the Clinton Foundation.

Chelsea pushed for change within the foundation after an internal audit exposed some of the conflicts of interest. One could argue that she was cleaning things up to keep a lid on the shenanigans, but we can’t be sure.

We do know that the man brought in to clean up the mess, Eric Braverman quit shortly after hire. He was then outed as the person who whispered to the media to “follow the money.” Finally, there are rumors that he is on the run.

Bill Clinton wrote a surprisingly defensive “Open Letter” in 2013 explaining the wonderful humanitarian activities of the Foundation, how responsibly the money is spent, and “explained” why the New York Times reported deficits of $40 million in 2007 and 2008 and $8 million in 2012. Clinton went on to state that, “For 2012, the reported deficit of $8 million is incorrect, and was based on unaudited numbers included in our 2012 annual report.  When the audited financials are released, they will show a surplus.”

As for Band. he resigned from the Foundation in 2015.  And he has likely been looking over his shoulder ever since.


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