UNREAL!! Clinton Operative: Democrats’ Excuses for Cheating [Video]

Even after being caught cheating in elections, check out Democrats’ excuses.

James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas uncovered Democrat corruption that would make the Devil blush. Yet the lamestream media has all but ignored it. Once they feel the Democrats have prepared the talking points, the Democrats’ excuses, then America is sold the spin.

As the Free Beacon reported, here is how one Democrat operative and Clinton surrogate explains the O’Keefe videos to CNN.

Hillary Clinton surrogate Christine Quinn dismissed James O’Keefe’s undercover sting video of Democratic operatives discussing how they were provoking Donald Trump supporters to be violent despite two of the operatives losing their jobs because of the video.

O’Keefe, a conservative undercover journalist for Project Veritas, released an undercover video on Monday showing Democratic operatives talking about previous violent incidents that they had orchestrated at Trump rallies.

CNN previewed Quinn’s interview with a clip from the video of Americans United for Change national field director Scott Foval speaking to one O’Keefe’s undercover colleagues about provoking Trump supporters.

Following the clip, CNN anchor Alisyn Camerota asked Quinn to respond on how Clinton was going to address the video.

“I don’t grant any validity to this video at all,” Quinn said.

Camerota goes on to question her about her comments, but you get the gist.

As with WikiLeaks, the FBI investigation, and the multitude of other malfeasance by the Left, they ask America not to believe our lying eyes.

How it is possible to be some obtuse defies logic, and proves that Democrats should never be able to hold public office. Morons and nitwits, all of them.

There is simply no way to dismiss this. And in fact, as with WikiLeaks, most Democrats don’t even try. They just blame sinister people for violating their rights.

Two Democrat staffers were fired for this, which is more than were fired at the VA who killed vets or who were fired at the IRS for persecuting Conservative organizations. For Democrats, at least internally this is DEFCON 1. Nuclear meltdown.

Thanks to O’Keefe for yet again showcasing the dirty Democrats hard at work subverting the system. Further, thanks again for O’Keefe indirectly showcasing their hypocrisy as they cover up their dirty dealings.


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