Clintons: Damaging Young Women for Decades

The Clintons have been damaging young women (and about everybody else) for decades.

So when I ran across an article written by friends of mine, the damage to one young lady really hit hard. It’s one thing to be the butt of a joke. However when you’re the penis of a joke, it’s really no joking matter.

As 100 Percent Fed Up wrote:

“In 1998, I lost my reputation and my dignity. I lost everything and I almost lost my life…” -Monica Lewinsky, 2015

Here is Monica Lewinsky, now a 41 year old woman who is actually being paid to address audiences about how her affair with then President Bill Clinton destroyed her life. What price did Bill Clinton pay for destroying this young girl’s life? What price did Hillary pay for enabling his behavior (that bordered on pedophilia given the age difference between Bill and Monica)? This young girl was “slut shamed” by the entire world while Bill and Hillary, unconcerned with her well-being, huddled together to work out the details of how they would deceive the world with lies and save their political careers and ambitions. Hillary even went so far as to call Monica a “narcissistic looney tune.”

Leftists in America canonize the Clintons. Bill Clinton is a serial philanderer at best, and a rapist at worst. Yet the Left all but ignored his actions.

As one article I read suggested, feminists needed Bill Clinton to further their agenda, so they allowed Bill Clinton to crack a few eggs.

And the feminist agenda apparently centered around Hillary Clinton.

So when the Monica Lewinsky incident erupted, the feminists rallied around their disingenuous duo. Who cares Clinton had been using and abusing women for decades? And finally what if Hillary Clinton knew of each and every “bimbo,” and acted as an enabler? The Clinton were needed to further the feminists’ version of the greater good.

Imagine being any of these women the Clintons maligned after sexually abusing them. The mental rape to go along with the physical devastation.

Most of these horrible incident were not reported until decades later. Some of the aggrieve were finally able to express their feelings, the devastation of being a victim of sexual predator Bill Clinton. Then to face the wrath of his feminist wife.

But imagine being the 22-year old who had her life turned upside down, because a known sexual predator didn’t have the discipline to “keep it in his pants.” An innocent young woman, blinded by the power a known sexual predator now possessed as president of the United States.

The Left have no concern of the lives ruined by the Clintons. They call anybody who discusses these very real human tragedies, “conspirators.”

Yet it’s the Clintons who conspire against humanity.

I would ask any of these Leftist, so-called humanitarians, how they would feel if any one of these women were somebody one degree of separation from them?

We allow the Clntons to remove the humanity from the people the Clintons violated. It’s time we stop the Clintons from damaging young woman. In fact, it’s time we stop the Clintons from damaging anybody else. Retire the Clintons for good.

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