Clintons: Green Energy Frauds

Hillary Clinton took a plane to go 18 miles to a fundraiser. Think she gave two shakes of Michelle’s penis about it?

But the Clintons are all green energy frauds. Check out the little princess, Chelsea Clinton following in the footsteps of her crooked mother.

According to Conservative Tribune, Chelsea is a green energy fraud as well.

Clinton described her family as dedicated to clean energy during the roundtable, as she told a story about how her grandmother had bought her a membership to the non-profit Greenpeace when she was in elementary school.

“She told me when I was a little girl — maybe seven or eight — that she was no longer going to give me tangible gifts for Christmas,” Clinton said. “She was going to give me a membership to an organization that I really believed in. So it was really exciting.”

I wonder what Greenpeace would say about her jetting around the state of North Carolina on a private plane.

“I obsessively cut up the plastic rings around soda cans so that my trash from Arkansas wouldn’t kill marine wildlife on the Gulf Coast,” she added.

In other words, pieces of plastic are bad; private jets are good.

Nothing says f*ck my carbon footprint like flying on a private jet.

Yet again America witnesses the “do as I say, not as I do” attitude of the Clinton elites. We’ve all learned that the rules don’t apply to them.

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