Collin Brewer: Young Football Player Stands Alone to Honor America

I’d like to add Connor Brewer to my list of heroes.

Peer pressure today may be the worse than ever. Suicide rates among Millennials is at its highest point in history, so it’s easy to see why kids want to go with the flow.

So when Connor Brewer decided to go against his football team, to stand alone, his action took real courage.

As Fox New reported,

Connor Brewer is fiercely loyal to his college football team. But he is also fiercely loyal to the United States of America.

So when the Millikin University football team decided to protest the national anthem by remaining inside the locker room – instead of on the sidelines –Connor was faced with a decision.

Would he join his teammates in their university-approved safe space or would he stand on the sidelines and honor America?

Connor chose to stand – alone.

Caught in the wake of the Colin Kaepernick controversy, on Sept. 24 several football players from the college decided to take a knee during the national anthem. The blowback from the community caused the team to double down on their protest. As the team put it, “forge a new path.”

The team wrote in the Herald Review:

“Rather than have our message be misunderstood or misconstrued, we are united in our decision to stay in the locker room until kickoff during which time we will engage in a moment of reflection to personally recognize the sacrifice of so many and renew our commitment to living up to those most important words: ‘with liberty and justice for all,’”

So the entire team, save one, decided to remain in the locker room during the playing of the national anthem. Everybody that is, except Collin Brewer.

Out of respect for his coaches and his team, Connor declined to be interviewed. Collin need not respect coaches who would allow this nonsense, nor a team who would disrespect the people who fought for Old Glory, a symbol praised in our national anthem.

Collin undoubtedly has a bright future ahead of him. He is one of my heroes.




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